Generally speaking, the best place for me to start is to understand your positioning. Positioning is just a fancy marketing word that describes in one or two sentences how you are different from your competitors and who you are looking to appeal to (your target consumer). This is an important step and feeds into the larger strategy so it should never be overlooked.

The next step is for me to get an understanding of what you'd like to achieve. I'm not talking in terms of actual dollars at this point, but rather in terms of actions.
For example, some initial questions that I would have for a local retailer are below. 

   Are you looking to:

Bring new, local customers to your store?
Have out of town visitors seek you out?
Have existing customers buy again?
Drive more traffic to your website to fulfill orders?
Provide additional services to differentiate yourself from competition?
All of the above?

After that, it's time to develop the marketing strategies and review the different tactics that can help achieve your business goals.

Marketing is a process that takes time. There's no magic bullet, but if you take advantage of developing the marketing side of your business, you will eventually see results and will start to outpace competitors who are not paying attention.

Here are some of the services that I offer:
Brand Strategy | Website Development | Facebook Advertising | Google Adwords | Printed Marketing Materials

I offer a free 30-minute consultation. After that, I will provide an Estimate and we can then begin working on your marketing plans. Please click Contact Me below and let's get started. I look forward to hearing from you.